Masterclass & Workbook

Subjects covered in the Video are: 

1. What law of attraction and manifestation is


2. ​How to change your mindset


3. How and why acting like you already have the career you want, is so powerful for manifesting it


Kristen Martin

Bestselling Author & Creative Entrepreneur

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Kristen Martin is a self-made creative entrepreneur, content creator, and the Amazon bestselling indie author of personal development books, Be Your Own #Goals and Soulflow, as well as the fiction works, The Alpha Drive and Shadow Crown.


Having worked in the corporate world for almost a decade, Kristen decided to pursue her vision of empowering women through her writing and content creation and, in just two years' time, has grown what was once her "side hustle" into a full-time 6-figure coaching business.


With her work reaching over 60,000 people via her YouTube channel and podcast, That Smart Hustle, Kristen regularly travels to speak and teach at conferences, workshops, and retreats across the globe.


She currently runs her business from her home base in North Houston, Texas.   

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