Masterclass & Workbook

Subjects covered in the Video are: 

1. Mindset Blueprint - How it is formed

2. ​Beliefs - Fixed v/s Growth Mindset

3. Journal Exercise - Deborah created this exercise herself, when she had a cancer diagnosis, it's powerful and it works.  There are other parts to the exercise that are included in her online course - which will be launched by the end of July & it is trade marked

4. Self care examples

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Deborah Johnston

Mindset Coach & Author

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Deborah Johnston is passionate about mentoring women and helping them with their mindset, to unravel all of those limiting beliefs and limiting decisions women have about themselves, in their life and in their business. 

Utilizing her business background as a Massage & Reflexology Therapist and now as a Mentor For Women in Business, plus many years working as a Corporate Business Development Consultant, she has many pearls of wisdom and knowledge, in business and wellness combined. 

Wellness comes to life in your business and your personal life when you learn about yourself and your mindset and your limiting beliefs that keep you feeling stuck and frustrated, that are formed in your 'Blueprint' from an early age.  Deborah offers powerful and effective mindset techniques using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that are easy, gentle, effective and get positive results!  So you 'CAN' achieve your goals and have the type of success in your business, your health, and in your life, that most people only dream about having!   

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