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Embody your CEO-self Mini Training

(Anxiety & Mindset)

Embody your CEO-self Workbook

(Anxiety & Mindset)


Ashleigh Harrison

Nurtitionist & Anxiety Mindset Coach

Ashleigh guides anxious women to transform their mind, body & soul so they can attract next level success.


She specializes in anxiety nutrition as well as wellness and business programs that help heart-centered women find serenity and authenticity as they learn to connect with their magnetic selves.


Her intention is to help women reconnect and find balance within so they can live a life of purpose that feels aligned with passion.

Limiting Beliefs Worksheet

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Melissa Giancola

Indie Author

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Melissa F Giancola was born in Montreal, Canada. She is an International English teacher who has lived and taught abroad in Italy, Turkey and online.


After living abroad and returning to Canada in 2016, she set out on a quest to heal and transform her life, when she knew that the life she was living, was not what she wanted. Her book "The Inner Work: Journey In Process" is a result of the healing process in which she hopes can help many others to become more self-aware, heal from their past, and thrive.

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