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A Community for Women Writers

Hello lovely writer, I'm so happy you’re here. This is the home of The Write Therapy,  a global community for women writers who want to nurture their mental health & wellbeing and level-up on their personal development.


No matter what stage of the writing journey you’re at, we have the perfect resources for you. Are you ready to make positive changes and create the writing career you've always dreamed of? We're here to help!


We welcome all writers, so if you're an author, blogger, journalist, ghostwriter, copywriter or other type of writer, there is a community here for YOU!

The Write Therapy is an online community with the mission of empowering writers from around the world, to nurture their mental health and wellbeing and take control of their personal development, so they can build highly successful writing businesses.


We believe that every writer has the ability to achieve incredible success, but looking after yourself physically, emotionally and mentally should come first.


Have you ever felt...


  • Overwhelmed with a writing project?

  • Physically and mentally burned out?

  • Like you're losing your passion for writing and it's become a chore?

  • You want to make your writing dreams a reality, but you just don’t know where to start?

  • Isolated and lonely and have longed for like-minded people to talk to about what you’re going through?


We've all felt at least one of these on our writer journey.

How Can We Help?

  • Weekly blog posts that will inspire you to take action in a certain area of your writer life. Written by writers or other industry professionals, they will cover topics such as: SMART goals for writer, journaling through tough times, how to avoid writer burnout and you can suggest future topics to us at any time.

  • A monthly podcast where we interview writers about their mental health, wellbeing and personal development journey. Listen here.

  • The books: Write Through Depression and Journal Through Depression by Natalie Roberts. These international bestsellers are the perfect read for anyone looking to take control of their depression through writing and journaling.  Buy your copies here.

  • The Members’ Club: An online community for writers from around the world, and a safe place where you can access the support and guidance you need. Find out more here.

  • Facebook page: Interact with the wonderful community of writers and support each other. Visit the page here.


What is The Write Therapy?

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Natalie is an international bestselling author and freelance social care, self-help and personal development writer. She is also the co-owner of Dragon Ghostwriters.

She signed a book deal with Jessica Kingsley Publishers in February 2015. Mouth Care: An Essential Guide for Carers is specifically aimed at professional and non-professional carers. It will be out in 2020.

Natalie's books, Write Through Depression and Journal Through Depression are out now on Amazon.

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